Thank you for giving to Life Community!

Life Community Church uses a nation-wide secure processor called STRIPE for online giving. If you would like to increase your gift almost 3% (by saving the processing fee) please click “login” at the top of giving link and set up the ACH giving option. Please contact us if you have any questions on setting this up.

Alternately you can mail a check or Bill Pay* payment to:
Life Community Church, 2140 Broadway BLD A, Grand Junction, CO 81507

*Most banks offer Automatic Bill Pay that allows recurring donations to be set up ahead of time. Check with your bank on how to set that up. Thank you for giving! 

A statement detailing your giving will be provided at the end each calendar year stating that no goods or services were provided in exchange for contributions other than intangible religious benefits. Life Community Church retains ultimate authority to use contributions at it’s discretion for purposes consistent with it’s exempt religious purposes.